About Coworking Spaces

By February 24, 2020 No Comments

Coworking spaces are growing at an unprecedented rate, over 16% growth per annum in the US in the last couple of years. But what is the nature of this business model and why is it attracting so much attention.

What defines a Coworking Space?

The initial experience of a coworking space will let a person know immediately, it is entirely different than the traditional office working environment. There will often times be a smell of coffee or exotic tea filling the air. The general feeling is energetic with electric personalities moving back and forward.

There are those who are deeply focused on their own task, while others may be in a deep discussion in their own working groups. The culture of coworking spaces brings a new variety to the workplace. While coworking spaces are initially a shared working area, there is much more to be offered. The affordable plans that are offered make the coworking space better than an isolated working environment such as home or a coffee shop.

Shared working spaces provide an office suite with all the upscale amenities like private meeting rooms, hot desks, coffee, kitchens and other features. One of the best benefits is the involvement of a community. The type of people you may find in a coworking space are start-ups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and teams who take advantage of the flexible working space.

Besides the difference in office culture, another advantage is the cost. A person can have a high-profile office feel, with a fraction of the cost. Memberships may vary depending upon the types of services that are required. There are daily, weekly and monthly plans available to meet the needs of the clients. Private Offices are also available if a shared one does not fit your needs.