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Top 10 Coworking space benefits

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Coworking spaces have the potential to benefit the vast majority of organizations such as self-starters. The benefits range from networking opportunities, offer a daily structure, and can add to the level of productivity. These offices are unlike traditional offices in a number of ways.

First, the décor may include large plants, unlimited kombucha tea and a huge group of professionals working diligently at their kitchen benches, lounges or hot desks. The new trend in coworking spaces offers a shared experience of people working together or on different projects. The trend is also on the rise as entrepreneurs capture their dreams in a new atmosphere.

The increased number of available coworking spaces is on the rise. Coworking space grew 16 percent in 2018 alone. However, the trend is not shared only in the United States. Coworking spaces grew 36 percent internationally. The idea is becoming so popular, it is expected to grow an additional 6 percent per year inside the US, and 13 percent internationally. The trend is expected to continue on into 2022.

The phenomena may not be a simply passing trend. Instead, it is driven by the need to change the working space culture. The flexibility of remote work is being assisted by the huge steps in technology and large corporations needing to stay modern. Coworking spaces are not limited to freelancers and private entrepreneurs, but an ecosystem of professional teams from the established organization inside private offices. The atmosphere promotes new activities such as brainstorming and mind mapping sessions that drive creativity in the gig economy workers.

The following information focuses on the benefits of coworking spaces.

1. Community events and networking

Perhaps one of the most successful benefits that has come out of coworking spaces is the ability to meet new people that would normally be out of reach. This may be due to the fact that in a coworking space, new people enter the space nearly every day. The community is made into a thriving operation such as Tedge.

During the monthly events focused on networking, it is possible to find new talent and collaborators to practice to help hone networking skills. These spaces also offer events such as workshops, classes and markets which can assist in the opportunity to meet the right people for business ideas.

2. Increase connections while decreasing loneliness

When working from home, there are often time distractions that can interrupt your productivity. However, working at home can also lead to loneliness and the feeling of being isolated. In a coworking space, people are surrounded by professional people who can reduce the amount of loneliness that is associated with working from home.

Studies have shown that with small interactions that would normally seem to be irrelevant, become a vital part of human social interactions. Small meaningless conversations with neighbors of the mailman can actually assist in the amount of happiness one feels. It is this type of base that helps coworking spaces become a desirable atmosphere to be in when working on tasks. When working next to others, inspiration and energy abound to help the working experience.

3. Access private and shared working spaces

The common design features of a coworking space are different from a traditional office. First, there is not a maze of cubicles that block out the rest of the world. Instead, one will find large lounge areas, hot desks, private offices with glass walls, conference rooms that offer writing on the walls. There are large areas available for team collaboration. There are also areas that are used for productivity and meeting rooms with fancy private modern offices.

4. Flexible and cost-effective

It does not matter if a person is a freelancer looking for a space to work or a high energized team looking to set up their own private office, a coworking solution provides the space that is needed for just the price of the services required. In other words, you pay for what you need. With the additional flexibility with coworking spaces, there is a way to simply grow at your own pace and add services when there is a need for them. The greatest benefit of this is that there is not long-term commitments and flexibility is needed for the coworking space to continue.

One of the popular coworking spaces is provided by Tedge. The reason for its popularity is the flexibility that is offered to its clients. Customers are free to choose the most fitting (and affordable) service and/or a space that for their business. Coworking spaces have a number of important amenities to make the experience successful such as front desk, printing and cleaning staff. There is also internet connectivity, bathrooms and even an equipped kitchen. The availability of these amenities can greatly reduce the cost of overhead that plague the traditional office.

5. Accessing services remotely

Because the coworking space is becoming a growing norm in a number of the major cities around the world, there are always going to be places for clients to plug in and work. With the coworking places becoming available in different locations, working while traveling is now a successful endeavor. Whether printing, internet connections or coffee is required to make the work experience better, all can be found at a card swipe away.

6. Productivity enhancement

Focus and energy throughout the workday can fluctuate with the meetings and the normal workload of the day. However, the coworking space can help this situation. The benefit of a coworking space is that different working styles are able to adapt better than in a traditional office. There is more of a variety that a traditional office but also there is a greater amount of structure than one may find when working at home. Plus, it is better to see others who are pushing themselves to complete their own tasks and increasing the amount of productivity.

7. Leaving one’s comfort zone

For those who are not adapt to the hustle of a busy office, the idea of working around others may seem to be a challenge at first glance. However, leaving the comfort zone often times makes for more beneficial opportunities. One factor that will change when leaving the comfort zone is the environment will fuel innovation. By facing new challenges, the worker becomes more agile and more professional.

8. Balance of work and wellness

Studies have found that those who exercise throughout the workday show more enhanced cognitive skills and an increase in productivity. Meditation and mindfulness practices help drive the creative being within. Several coworking-place offers have included exercise facilities on site such as Tedge locations. There are also meditation rooms, yoga sessions and showers on site.

9. Structuring the workday

When a person works from home, their day may seem to pass in a blur. The minimum amounts of structure that may be present without commuting, can blur the line between work and home responsibilities. In a number of cases, people may actually work more hours at home than they would in an office environment. Coworking spaces offer the structure needed to separate home life and work.

10. Enjoy a coffee

Increasingly coworking spaces are offering incentives for spending time (and money) in their locations. If your location isn’t offering free or selling it, chances are there will be a trendy café nearby.

Coworking space versus business needs

However, some people may not find coworking spaces fit with their personal needs. Nonetheless, on the whole, more businesses are seeing the pros of remote teams or remote hiring locations. Whatever you or your organization may be looking for, flexibility is the key behind the successful use of a coworking space.

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